About Me

Largely self-trained, I am an artist driven by the desire to enrich peoples lives. I am passionate about making and sharing my art and introducing Japanese Painting, Nihonga, to more American audiences.


Through more than 10 years of Japanese language studies, cross cultural communication has been a constant in my daily life. I believe that the best way to communicate the richness of a culture is visually. Through the exploration of the art of other people, we can further understand their cultures, and at the same  time, ourselves. I aim to use art to bring the people of two countries I love closer together.

My greatest strength is my tenacity and my unyielding movement towards my dream - to create art that brings people closer and makes them feel more human.


Hire Me For...

  • Fine Art Commissions 

  • Illustration

  • Design (digital & traditional

  • Cross-culture Consulting

  • Japanese-English Translation