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Little Ghosts (2023-2024)

Project type

Paintings (collage)




Acrylic, crushed stone,hide glue, yupo paper. metal leaf

During my time studying Japanese Painting in Tokyo, I became intrigued with the these small forms after encountering a paint splotch in the form of one on an abstract painting I was working on. Curiously full of character and life, sketching them became part of my daily art practice. The scenes that they would form into reminded me of traditional Japanese paintings of insects - by turning our eyes to the small things in life, we may find intriguing scenes and sources of inspiration, smaller worlds teeming with their own stories.

These little ghosts became a constant invigorating artistic force for me and were the source of my show "Saraba (Farewell)" at Studio Gross in Tokyo (November 2023).

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