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Self and Selves (2021-2023)


Japanese Painting, "Nihonga"

Date Created



Crushed stone, crushed soils, hide glue, metal leaf, kozo fiber Japanese paper

During my research program at the Tokyo University of the Arts, I learned traditional Japanese painting techniques under professors of the Japanese painting department. Many of the works I did at this time explored ideas of self and the ego, particularly under the influence of hyper-activity on social media. Many of the pieces I consider reflections of the isolation I felt moving to another country during the pandemic. I was amidst a journey to reinvent myself and my career, and the world felt like it was shutting down and rearranging itself as well.

These works are primarily done using traditional Japanese painting media - crushed stones, soils, and dyes mixed with animal hide glue as a binder, then applied to Japanese paper adhered to wooden panel. They are also often on metal leaf - silver or bronze. The silent space of metal leaf, starkly different from other grounds, creates an eerie, other-worldly atmosphere. The figure is imposed on, but wholly seperate from its plane of light interaction, recalling for me the disembodied mind as it interacts within virtual spaces.

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